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Birchbox review – November

So I’m at home today feeling ill and grotty so I thought I’d finally get my Birchbox review up. Please ignore my awful nails, I had a bunch of breaks and so I cut them right down and it’s they are all chipped and horrid, sorry!


On first open it was nice to see a big box, a hefty looking full sizer.


First item to get pulled out are Drinkwel vitamins. Their tagline is…the world’s first multivitamin for healthy people who drink. I’m a bit up and down with how I feel about vitamins and supplements as so much of it it bollocks. I don’t get drunk that much these days so I just used them as a normal vitamin, unsurprisingly no difference noticed as there’s only enough for 2 days normal or one day drinking. Seems like pseudomedical wank, frankly.

P1150978 Lord and Berry Bronzer – I get that this is a sample, however I wasn’t expecting a single pan without even a proper box or lid, just a flimsy plastic pack inside the box. It’s a nice shade, called Sienna, but I just couldn’t get it to show up on my skin! Maybe I’m just so used to heavy theatrical makeup that I can’t even see a subtle glow anymore. I’m willing to keep trying though, as it’s a nice matte finish with no shimmer which is great for non-stage looks.

P1150981 A very cool bottle! Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle. It’s essentially a heat protection hair product. As I don’t really use heat stylers at the moment it’s not really that useful but I’ll keep hold of it for if I get the urge to curl my hair. It is vegan, paraben- and sulfate-free if you like that sort of thing.

P1150982I was very excited as soon as I twigged this was OPI. Very high quality nail varnishes and this is a lovely shade called A Grape Affair and it’s a very deep grape purple. Pretty hard-wearing so far! Though I’ve discovered that spirit gum remover also acts as a nail varnish remover…


The ubiquitous perfume sample…English Laundry by Christopher Wicks. Eh…another vaguely floral, synthetic smelling, alcohol perfume. PASS! Cute envelope though.

Dr Jart clensing foam. I’ve had Dr Jart and been pretty pleased, though I’m rubbish at skincare so it all seems the same to me. But I like cleansers where you actually wash your face rather than use cotton wool, so that’s a plus.

So, all in all a fairly average box. Nothing too terrible but only the OPI nail varnish got me proper excited.

In other news, if I’m any better tomorrow I will be putting together my first video tutorial!


September Birch Box Review – My first one!

As some of you may know I’ve been getting GlossyBoxes for a couple of years now and loved the little monthly treat, some of the items have become makeup bag essentials and have been used extensively in my first few weeks of college.

But last month I thought I should probably cancel what with college coming up and money being tighter but changed my mind at the last minute last week I decided to turn…not quite 360 degrees, maybe 200? And went ahead and signed up for Birch Box instead. So here it is! First impression….waaaaay smaller. But I always used to get irritated at how much space was wasted in the GlossyBox boxes, just full of stuffing.




A very cute little canvas bag instead of reams of shredded paper. I would much rather packaging I can use again rather than something that just goes straight into the recycling.


Agave Hair Oil: I can’t imagine this will do anything that any other hair oil will do but it’s always nice to have more as I have been considering switching over to using hair oil and not conditioner like my girl Tuesday Laveau. Also, my husbear uses oil in his beard now and then and steals mine all the time. This smells nice and fresh and really reminds me of some sort of shower gel or something from my childhood!


Model Co. Lip Laquer in Morocco. Apologies for the crappy picture, the lighting in my living room is rubbish today and everything is a bit dim. This is a very nice colour, a deep neutral beige, and smells lovely and fruity. I can imagine this being a nice new addition to my drag bag.


The Beauty Blender. Now this is exciting. I’ve seen these all over the interwebs as the latest big trend and I’m very excited to use it. It’s a very dense sponge egg used for blending foundations. I’ve not usually been one for using sponges for foundation as they tend to just suck all the product up but I’m willing to give this a go! It also comes with it’s own wee soap bar for cleaning it after use.


Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream. I’m not really a fan of Benefit. It generally seems rather style over substance. And I’ve never been one for eye creams either…and just how good can they be over any other. I dunno. I’ll try it but I’m not holding out hope for this.


Plush Therapy Mild Dermabrasion Face and Body Scrub. Apologies again for the awful picture, this did not want to be photographed at all. I love scrubs and the grittier the better, I’m a total masochist when it comes to body scrubs. There’s not much to be said about this in this instance, it’s a rather vaguely scented scrub.


Photo clip. Trash. Total rubbish. I’m not a teenage girl. Do. Not. Want.


And finally a nice yummy snack. Super tasty as most dried pineapple is.

So, all in all I’m pretty pleased. No worse than GlossyBox so I’ll be carrying on, funds permitting!

Be sure to check back later this week for more of my kit swatches including Ben Nye, Mehron and Kryolan.

College kit swatches!

My college kit FINALLY arrived and after 10 minutes wandering around an industrial estate trying to find the obscure courier it was in my mitts. So just for you fine people I’m going to swatch everything I can over the coming days.

Today it’s the powders!

P1150705 P1150706

So here we have from bottom right clockwise: Ben Nye lip pencil in Scarlet, Laval kohl eye pencil in black, and Professional Makeup white kohl liner, from the Mehron cheek pallet 202-pal Tropicoral, Rosewood, Mocha, Contour, Mojave, Wineberry, Just Peachy, Bold Red.

P1150707 P1150710

Bottom left clockwise: Mehron E.Y.E Powder Palette, White, Nat Wheat, Cocoa, Toffee, Fawn, Cinnamon, Espresso, Black.

P1150711 P1150713

Bottom left Clockwise: Mehron INTense pressed powder Fire palette, Ignite, Purple Heat, Fire Island, Electric Green, Yellow Spark, Inferno, Hot Pink, Pure Lightening.

Review: Gracie lashes by The Vintage Cosmetics Company.

I had the extreme pleasure of winning this lovely set of lashes in a giveaway over at Paperbacks + Postcards last month.


While the Cath Kidson-esque packaging isn’t really my style I can see why these would appeal to the vintage 40’s/50’s girls out there.


As with the majority of lashes out there these came with their own glue, but as a rule I just don’t bother with the lash glue included with any lashes other than Eyelure, but they do get used for adhering things like rhinestones and whatnot. 


They looked great and lasted all day without re-glueing (but that may be down to the Eyelure glue, not sure). They went on super easy, first time. They have a very thin, clear thread base which makes them super easy to fit to the eye, so this is a plus for sure. I’m pretty confident they are strong enough to last a fair few more wears but are very light too. 

So I give them a very positive 4 out of 5! They are great for adding some length and some flutter but aren’t very thick. I’ll probably layer them up with a thicker pair for on stage. 

This is the end look I went for, complete with a metallic violet lip!ImageImage