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College, days 3, 4, 5 and 6

Due to moving house I’ve been without internet since Friday. FRIDAY. 5 DAYS. I damn near died.

But we are now in the new house, hooked up and ready to party.

So Day 3 was our first half day, well…2 hours. Which is a bit of a dick to drag yourself in for but the short time does give a bit of practice for working with short time constraints, we have to set up, do our face and be cleaned down between 9.30 and 11.30 sharp. Day 3¬†was a face painting group challenge in which we had to simply use the hour and a half left to create super hero or super villain facepaints. We kinda just went with the flow, looked at some magazines for inspiration and got to it which I think was our downfall as all the other groups had themes and characters, we were a bit of a rag-tag group. But it was SO nice to use the Mehron paints for the first time, the black Paradise AQ went on like a dream and the gold metallic powder was just so lush, I neeeeeed it.


I went for a sort of Pierot look, as you can see the black has amazing coverage, this was just one layer. It’s a little patchy around the cheeks as I’d not yet learned to start from the cheeks and work out as the cheeks will absorb a lot more product. The Gold is llovely too, though very wobbly around the eyes. I’m still quite proud though, as I ended up with only about 20 mins to do my face. I also got to use my strong point…sticking stuff to faces. It’s my favourite thing. So, end of week one verdict? Love it. Even being the oldest in the group hasn’t hampered anything as I’m getting on with everyone so far.

Day 4! After a long and tough weekend of packing, and moving day 4 came around and gave us a long old day. First session was contouring. Learning the difference between a powder contour and full foundation contour.


Powder contour, needs a little buffing out but I liked this one.


Foundation contour, again needs buffing out but the foundations we had to use are SO thick and hard to work with I think I did ok with the circumstances.

In the afternoon we had our first planning session for the end of year show. We have decided on the theme of Freak Show as it gives us a very wide range to work with and still be comfortably within the theme.

Then we had skulls! We did a bit of study of the facial bones and were then set to a little task to naming the bones and writing them directly on the face.


Then we had to poke and prod and draw in the recesses in the face and create skull face using the actual bones of the model. This was really really hard. Especially with long nails…I’ve since had 2 breaks so they’re all trimmed right down now which does make things a lot easier but Whaaaaaaa, short nails!


I did no justice to Florian’s amazing bone structure.

Day 5! Airbrushing. At the start of the day we got to have our first go at the airbrush. Lots of fun but a little daunting as the kit is very expensive. We got in to groups to put on a face using full base, contour, sencils and whatnot. We made Penny into Lumpy Space Princess, I did the nose.


In the afternoon we had brows and winged liner. VERY HARD. This was so tricky, I’ve got it down on my own face but on others is going to take a lot of practice.


The brows were ok, though personally I would prefer thicker. The liner on the left is totally ugh, but better on the right.

Day 6. Another half day. We were set homework to research eyeshadow shapes and come up with a masquerade themed eye look.


I used NOLA Mardi Gras colours. Unfortunately my phone camera did not capture the colours well at all, I love the soft contour and blush and highlight on the lip. My liner is a little wobbly, and my rhinestone application a little uneven here and there but ultimately I’m proud!

Back to the day job with a bump but it’s made a whole lot better knowing it’s only 3 shifts a week and I get to spend the rest of my time doing makeup. I’m hoping to be put forward for day shifts at work too, so I can get a proper life back too!

So all in all a good fortnight. Next week is sugar skulls! Fun!