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Fortune Favours The Bold

I have severely neglected this blog. I have mostly been using Facebook to keep my quoteunquote fans updated with every thought that passes between my ears. And a few contributions to Coochie Crunch, the website run by my sister-from-another-mister Tuesday Laveau.

So I suppose this is one of those obligatory new year blog posts that us social media addicts feel so compelled to write.

2013 started out pretty shitty, I was still in the midst of a bad period of depression and had quit my dayjob. So that was a really tough period to deal with, I lost a great deal of my creativity and had no enthusiasm for dancing.

Buuuuuut in around April I was asked to come on board with the Bristol Pride Afterparty, Horseplay presents Plastic, to come up with ideas for gogo performance art and the costumes to go with them. So that took up a big chunk of my life for a few months, as well as performing at various other shows.

September 1st saw my first wedding anniversary and my wonderful husband took me for a surprise trip down to London to see an amazing and inspiring production of Alice in Wonderland by Iris Theatre.

October was finally time for the fantastic Bristol Burlesque Festival, it was their first year and they did outstandingly.

Then through November and December Tuesday Laveau and myself were in devising and rehearsal stages of our first double act together! We made our debut at Coochie Crunch Christmas at Bristol’s Smoke and Mirrors, and then did it a second time at Cabaret of Curiosities at The Cube Cinema. Tuesday and I also saw the new year in together at Mr Wolf’s, dancing with two awesome live bands – The Radio Nasties and 45’s.

In 2014 I’m going to try and embrace the phrase Fortune Favours The Bold. While I am hardly a wallflower I do struggle with actually putting myself out there to get shows. I fell into a massive rut of just waiting for producers to come to me rather than actively look for shows myself and barely travelled outside of Bristol.

So this year is the year for going further afield and try and get international.

copyright David Hammonds
copyright David Hammonds