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I’ve listed a bunch of things on my ebay page


There’s jewelry, handmade pasties and headdresses and shoes!


Comings and goings this February.

It was a quiet month for performances at AKHQ.

I performed as part of a troupe for the first time alongside fellow Bristol birds Lou Leigh Blue and Delilah Di Sgrace for the best queer night out, Horseplay at the Lakota nightclub.

I’m also moving house so any creation and organising has had to be put on hold until mid March!

I’m almost done with my Courtesan – now known as The Aristokatte – Costume. All that is left to do is finish wrapping lace around my pannier straps, make a tulle over skirt, source some shoes and possibly make spats to go over them, make a ruffled bollero and make two choker style necklaces, one in red latex and one in white lace.

Wow…now that I write it all down there’s actually a whole lot more to do than I thought!

I’m being sensible though, and haven’t booked it for anything sooner than August…thus far.

After we have moved I also need to finish putting together some new choreography for one of Tiger Tiger‘s awesome shows, Funk Me at The Gryphon in Bristol. I’ll be using my classic styled red costume from my Vesta routine.

THEN after my husband and I have been to France I need to finish a costume I’ve been working on which will double as an outfit to wear to┬áPriscilla Queen of the Desert, and make the husbear an outfit too.

Aaaaaaaand then I will be putting together another brand new routine for Tiger Tiger again, for her big fancy show Hola Bonita! At Trinity, Bristol. This routine will be a tribute to one of my favourite artists, I won’t reveal just yet but if you follow me on pinterest you may be able to guess!

And I’ll leave you with a picture of me and my pal Jenny, who is a burlesquer in the making currently studying with Pink Kitten. The wonderful headdress, backpack and panties were provided by Mitzy Bear, one of the Godmothers of Bristol burlesque, for a charity event for St Werburghs Community Centre.


picture copyright of Andy Valentine