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Here’s a few examples of the costume pieces and accessories I’ve put together.

Hand stitched glitter pasties.

Zombie Showgirl costume, put together from ebay pieces and lots of fake blood and hot glue150016_459373817549_6735442_n (1)

A customized lingerie set made for gogo dancing.533713_10151260568192550_376663938_n

I burned my fingers a billion times making these, size 6 satin heels covered with hundreds of kitsch plastic gumball machine charms

My big day! I did the flowers all myself.

On the left, the wig for The Courtesan click here for the details.

On the right is the revamped headdress for my Pony Girl routine!405071_10151209196047550_1112049703_n

Some more hand sewn pasties, made for burlesquer Tiger Tiger293131_10151182005365336_1206525706_n

I made this one for a shoot last winter, here is is modelled by Scarlet Miss Charlotte at the Jungle Fever burlesque event.218194_461349370553048_1754516065_nThis is my Frida Kahlo flower headband, modelled by Me! Picture by the amazing David Hammonds

154436_397260557024393_1243196148_nAnd this is was my latest stall at Burn Brightly Events! With some of my paintings and the fiver rummage box!


The wig transformation.


The original wig is from the awesome manga/Japanese/cosplay wig specialists Geisha Wigs who are based in Cardif, it’s called Ice and can be bought here for just £19! It can also be styled with heat tools too!

I began by sectioning off the wig in order to begin the technique I have lovingly named ‘back-combing the ever loving shit out of it’. P1140039P1140040

I took chunks of hair of various sizes and back combed entirely into tight tangles and used bobby pins/kirby grips to create the rounded shape. It was also spritzed with lots of super cheap, drugstore hairspray. The  front was done in the same technique to make a pompador quiff to lift it up and off the face.


I left sections at the temples untouched in order to make big, oversized barrel curls. I used pincurl clips to attach them to the side of the wig and sprayed with SHITLOADS of hair spray and left for about 20 minutes to dry before replacing the pincurl clips with bobby pins to make them slightly less visible. P1140042


I then gave it a liberal dusting with talc to give it the signature 18th century powdered look.

I’ve added some feathers, a silk flower and since taking this picture I’ve also added a rhinestoned genuine crow skull!

It has lots of fluffy, flyaway parts and is wonky and battered looking which thankfully was the look I was going for. I’m possibly even going to add some human hair extensions to it to singe with a lighter for even more depth.


Corset reconstruction mark 1




This was my Tin Soldier corset, but I’ve not retired that routine so have begun repurpose it for The Courtesan. Image

First step was to remove the box pleated frills from the top and bottom.


This is the first step of applying the vintage lace. This is supposed to look patched and battered. 



And here is a shot of me sat by the fire and sewing like a proper girl. 

Still got quite a few panels to complete so I’ll get some pictures as it goes on.

A year in pictures!

January! This happened.

copyright Ade Taylor

February,  first shoot of the year with Ruby Roseblade

March! Wu Tang and a total mess of a bedroom!

Copyright Gary Copland.

April! Shooting for the amazing Devine Delinquents!

April. Performing in Leicester with some truly lovely ladies!

I don’t think much really happened in May…

June! Being MC for Beastie Boys Burlesque!

July! Helping out the lovelies at Nice n Naughty Bristol at Pride! plus gin!

August was mostly wedding planning but we found time to sneak off to Cornwall for a pre-honeymoon

September! This happened.

Copyright Miss Von Trapp

October! Backstage Shhh Burlesque

November! Tuesday Laveau and I recreating artwork by the awesome New Orleans artist Bunny Matthews

December! Wrapping up the year with 2 awesome shows, the Ketamine Showgirl for Psycho:Drama and Road Warrior for Burn Brightly Events.


Those who came before me.

I’m under no illusion at all that I am the first to plunder this era for a routine.

The Reigning Queen of Burlesque Imogen Kelly performs as Marie Antoinette in a sploshy, cake filled routine which won her Best Debut at BHOF in 2011

Emerald Fontaine can be seen here in an episode of Heston’s Feasts in her 18th Century garb, she performed this routine at the Newcomers Battle Royale at London Burlesque Festival in 2010, the same year I competed.


And who could forget a favourite of mine, Constance Peach and her Duchess act!

Copyright – Laurie Cooper-Murray of

This is of course to name but a few, a simple youtube search comes up with many examples. However all of these routines tend to err on the side of opulence, richness and excess, whereas I wish to show the flipside! What happens after all the money is gone and there’s nothing but the clothes on your back.