Monthly Archives: December 2012

The outline

So, I know you’re all waiting with breath that is bated to discover just what this routine will be about.

I’ll be hurtling back through time to create a stylized 18th Century French aristocrat routine. This lady has thus far escaped the guillotine but at what cost! Her riches have waned forcing her to sell off all her exquisite clothing and she is left standing before you in her tattered, decaying opulence.

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rococo bjd by sutherland


In the interest of full disclosure.

My next costume is going to be thoroughly documented.

I’ll be taking as many pictures as possible, explaining my working and showing my shonky handiwork.

I’m no seamstress, I do not own a sewing machine. My costumes are more ‘constructed’ than sewn. I can hand sew to an extent but it’s not too tidy, wonky seams or shitty sewing tend to get covered by trim and sparkle. I am the queen of the glue gun, my talents tend to lie in sticking stuff onto other stuff. 

This next costume needs to look worn, faded and torn. However capturing that age and wear and tear is tricky. I will need to make the original structure and build quality to be very good and then employ various techniques to age and distress the items. 

So my next post will be the initial ideas and images that inspire this costume.