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I have a seething obsession with Pinterest, it is so very very addictive. I’m more of a re-pinner than a contributor but oh sweet Jesus Christmas it’s satisfying.

My pinterest page seems to represent me as a whole a lot better than any other social networking site, my personal style is a big part of it rather than simply my performance.

Anyways, add me!


The Prodigal Daughter.

So, here she comes. Shuffling back, a parable of an ungrateful child.

A year and a half without updating, and what has happened? Well, I’ll tell you. This first update in 18 months will be a potted history of what I’ve been up to. 

In no particular order:

  • I got married
  • I returned to the London Burlesque Week in 2011
  • Took a summer sabbatical in 2012
  • Launched one new act, Vesta, my dubstep classic remix routine. 
  • Preparing to launch two new acts for A/W 2012.
  • Discovered I’m pretty good at flower arranging. 
  • Painted a Triptych of my cat Benny as various religious deities. 
  • Held a stall selling my handmade headwear. 

I’ll try and use this format more often, get a grip on my writing once more. 

In the meantime, please accept this picture of me by the fantastic David Hammonds.Image