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Personal Style vs Burlesque Persona

I don’t make much of a differentiation between my burlesque persona and my true self. Ally Katte isn’t different to ‘me’, she’s just a hyper real version of my true self.  However my personal style and the things I like are rarely represented within burlesque.

Just today a good friend described my personal style as being ‘Bat for Lashes meets The Good Life’. I’m incredibly influenced by late 60s/early 70s fashion and design. I’m a disco hippy. Though sequins and feathers are a mainstay of burlesque, I’d rather pair a showgirl head-dress with shiny leggings and an MC5 tshirt than a corset and stockings.

More examples of the fashions and aesthetics that inspire me can be found at my blog I reserve solely for pictures, Pictures of Trickery. That a lyric from my favourite song by The Cure, Disintegration, if you were wondering.

Now, I would truly love to incorporate this style into some burlesque routines, however it’s not really the most ‘bookable’ of styles. Not many people would want to pay to see a Stevie Nicks lookalike take their clothes off…would they?

Sorry, reader…This entry doesn’t appear to have a reason, or conclusion. What do you think?


Autumn in the land of Ally.

Ok! So…we’ve had September, October AND November since I last posted.

September saw the reunion of Felicia Noir, Frank LeBeau Diablo, Phoenix Snow and myself

for the first time since The Canary Cage back in April April?! Why did I write April? I mean August. Cosplay burlesque was by far the funnest show I’ve seen this year and a brilliant and BIG cast….Ivy Wilde, Ginger LaRouge,

Delila Lilac, Dizzy Diamond, Coca Lola, Luli Blue, Velma Von Bon Bon and of course Felicia, Phoenix, Frank (ohhh, alliteration!) and I. The show was jam packed with superheroes, sci fi icons and tv stars…EXCELSIOR! I learned at this show that I get detracted easily…I took my bra off to pastie-up. But then decided my eyelashes needed putting on. Cue me chatting to Ivy Wilde and sticking the lashes on with my bangers out. Here I performed a one off act based on Geek Girl, it was my first attempt at comedy and I’m still not really sure if I can pull it off. I had such a great laugh, and I will always look back fondly at getting drunk with Frankie, Phoenix and Felicia after the show…I love you guys!

Later in September I hot footed it over to Swansea to take part in Bluestocking Lounge: Saints and Sinners show. Headlined by the international burlesque star, Darkteaser, and

also starring The Bay Belles, Delilah Galore and Violet Noir and myself. This was followed by another night of drunken debauchery and nattering.

And a large, armoured and spiked phallus.

Yeah. You heard.

October was a rather fab month too. My sista from anotha mista, Tuesday Laveau had the extreme pleasure of performing for the wonderful Pomegranate Boutique‘s grand opening! In the window nonetheless!

Just two days later I had the rare chance to perform alongside a true idol of mine, Vicky

Butterfly. I’ve trodden the stage at Coco Boudoir many many times, usually in the guise of WENCH, picking up discarded frillies. This time saw me perform T-J Mama and Tin Soldier for the lovely and loyal Coco crowd. Not only did I get to share a stage with Vicky, but also the twinkling star that is Bristol’s Lily Belle, the gorgeous, wonderful, delicious and ruddy charming Major Suttle Tease and Dominic Searle, who juggled knives over the helpless body of Coco co-creator, Geisha Go Disco.

Then October ended with Boobs for Balls, a charity show in the seaside town of Weston-Super-Mare….most well known for it’s pier, and the fact that it burned down, and is now rebuilt! Huzzah! My brummie babe, Felicia was down for this one and she had the pleasure of staying in my tiny, subterranean BASEMENT flat. Felica joined a bevvy of Southwest burlesquers, including Tiger Tiger, Geisha Go Disco and Penny Bizarre. Penny’s other half’s band, The Lunarians played the night out in gloomy, indie post-rock stylie!

And all this was managed while also starting a new day job, going to London for Tuesday’s birthday, dressing up as Jesus-if Jesus were a stripper-for Halloween, doing a whole bunch of photo shoots and making new friends. Stay tuned for November’s round up and a discussion about my own personal style and how it reflects my burlesque persona.