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The Canary Cage, Liverpool

The Canary Cage is a brand new night in Liverpool run by my good pals Frank Lebeau Diablo and Phoenix Snow in association with Coal Mine Productions.  It takes place at the rather fancy Baby Blue, part of Blue Bar on the Albert Dock. And the opening night was bloody brilliant, even if I do say so myself.

I met Frank and Phoenix at London Burlesque Week where we were competing in the newcomer’s Battle Royale. The few of us performers from outside London seemed to bond quite well, Felicia Noir was also competing and we all seemed to hit it off straight away.

We had a fab line up, including myself, Frank and Phoenix, the incomparable compère Mr Frisk, Felicia Noir, Velma Von Bon Bon and the Liverpool Hilton’s resident singer Mr Alan Cross.

All the acts were fantastic, the night ran fabulously smooth and I got to spend time in what is now my second favourite city. Don’t worry Bristol, you’re still my baby, but y’know…Liverpool is cool! And the accent is just as silly.

©lovelynicetime photography

I can only see The Canary Cage getting better and better with each month. I feel terribly proud that they chose me to perform at their first night.


Some facts about Ally Katte

I have been performing since late June 2009.

I was 2nd place Best New UK Solo Act at London Burlesque Week 2010.

I’ve, so far, performed in Bristol, Bath, Taunton, London, Southampton and Liverpool.

I don’t do stocking strips. Mainly because I don’t wear stockings.

I specialise in music from the 1960’s onwards. I do not 50s. I do not 40s. It just ain’t me.

I am freely willing to admit that I am in no way glamorous, suave or particularly interesting. I tend to say odd things and work as bar staff in a nice pub in Bristol, UK.

You know that girl who just gets changed, like, right there. You’ll walk in and it’s like ‘Oh well you’re just in a thong and you’re applying Copydex to your nipples’. Yeah, that’s me. Sorry.

First post, the post that hurts the most

Ok, I’m Ally Katte and I’m a stripper.

No, wait. I keep getting told off for calling myself that. I’m a ‘burlesque striptease performer’. Or, y’know, a fancy stripper.

Anyways, not being satisfied with having 3 other blogs for my real life I felt the need to start one for my sparkly life.

In this blog I’ll be tackling questions such as ‘Who is Ally Katte?’, ‘What am I for?’  and ‘What the hell do I think I’m doing, taking my clothes off for money, Jebus Christmas what am I? A whore?!’.

Also I’ll probably post about some shows I do!